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2201 N. Redmond Rd,
Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076

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Five Star Airbags is a growing company, which keeps an excess of 15,000 airbags and airbag accessories on hand at all times. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is eager to assist in the process of installing or repairing an airbag, control module or seatbelt in a vehicle. We are qualified in handling everything from the largest orders to a single hobbyist car installation. To us, everyone is important, not just those making large purchases. Our friendly service will demonstrate this to all those who call, fax, or stop by.

Our new location, located twenty-five miles north of Little Rock, Arkansas, is now open and ready for business. We have grown out of our old facility and have moved to this larger facility in order to house more products, making it easier to fill orders quickly and efficiently. This larger space also helps us to keep our prices down due to the ability to buy in bulk and now, sell in bulk.

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Looking to bid on a project or rebuild

call us for accurate estimates on the costs of the airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, and airbag modules. Our staff at Five Star Airbags is knowledgeable on all types of airbags and can provide the best estimates and lowest prices to ensure the highest profit for you. Part of a garage or rebuild team with questions about the airbags or airbag modules? Just call us and talk to any of our trained staff. They will get you on the right track to the proper installation of the airbag system.

No matter what your air bag needs, Five Star Airbags is dedicated to fulfilling those needs. Do not forget about the other safety equipment that we offer including seat belts. Check back often to see what new sales and discounts we have available. Our inventory is always growing and as airbags improve, some are discounted, making for great bargains on perfectly useful airbags.

Automotive airbags can be tricky for a hobbyist to install. Our staff is not solely concerned about large quantity buyers and is eager to help individuals who are looking to install an SRS automotive air bag in their car. At Five Star Airbags, we believe that everyone should have access to the safest car air bags and everyone should be treated right, no matter how much they buy. Hobbyists often have a great experience buying from our showroom and can find even the rarest automotive air bags for their unique build.

Also, feel free to give us a call and inquire about airbag prices for a rebuildable vehicle on which you are bidding. Doing so will allow you to make a more accurate estimate of expenses.

Conveniently Located

in Central Arkansas, just 25 miles north of Little Rock and 25 miles east of Conway. If you are located outside of our local delivery area, we can ship your automotive airbag via FedEx, UPS. We accept most credit cards as well as cashier checks, and money orders.

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Five Star Airbags
2201 N. Redmond Rd,
Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076

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